Softwood Play Chips (10-35mm)

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Our Play Chips have been developed specifically for Outdoor Play! Safe, effective and clean material made from mixed softwood. This long lasting play-grade wood chip gives a natural, rustic finish to play areas and is the ideal choice for outdoor pursuits!

Play Chips can also be used as a mulch which it will also suppress weeds, condition soil and protect plant roots. Play Chips are also increasingly popular for chicken coop runs due to the cleanliness and chickens loving to scratch around in them.

Wood chippings, or Play Chips as they are also known, are easily cleaned and not quickly trampled into the mud; one of the key reasons they are used in animal enclosures and hen runs is that they are excellent at preventing muddy feet.

We recommend laying these materials to a depth of at least 4" (100mm) for impact absorption purposes. 

1 Bulk Bag Coverage = 13m² / 15.5 sq yards @ 3" depth
1 Bulk Bag Coverage = 9.75m² / 11.6 sq yards @ 4" depth
1 Bulk Bag Coverage = 7.8m² / 9.3 sq yards @ 5" depth
1 Bulk Bag Coverage = 6.5m² / 7.7 sq yards @ 6" depth

Play Bark vs Play Chip
Play Bark is from the outer layer of the tree. Darker in colour and softer.
Play Chip is from the inner part of the tree. Lighter in colour and lasts longer.

  • Bulk Bag Size roughly 0.8m3
  • BS 7188 - Impact absorbing playground surfacing
  • Not suitable for decorative purposes

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