20mm Down Ballast

Ballast Sand 20mm

Building Sand

Building Sand

Blue Circle Mastercrete Cement Plastic 25kg Small Bag Mitchell Turf Cement

Cement Small Bag 25kg

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Concrete Sand

Concrete Sand (Sharp Sand)

20mm Gravel

Drainage Gravel 20mm

40mm Gravel

Drainage Gravel 40mm

Aggregate Type 1

MOT Type 1 Sub Base

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Deal: £39.95
weed control fabric membrane landscaping mat

Weed Control Fabric


At Mitchell Turf we have been supplying Aggregates to the trade for over 30 years and since being online we now supply the public with our Trade prices. As you can see we have a large range of products suitable in construction for drainage and laying a firm foundations.

Our Aggregate Type 1, seen below is perfect at giving firm foundations when laying roads, driveways or footpaths. We can supply any quantity of Type 1 depending on your project as we delivery either loose or in Bulk Bags.

The same goes with our Ballast sand as when mixed with cement you get concrete or on its own can be used as a foundation for your garden shed. The Ballast sand mix is typically 10mm to 20mm stones with sand and stone dust.

For drainage we have a number of different size of gravels which can also be used for drive and pathways.

We also stock Quinn Cement in 25kg bags though if you are looking for a larger quantity please contact us here.

We offer Express Delivery if you are looking for any product the next day or when adding your items to the basket select the future day you want it.