Decorative Stones

buff flint 20mm aggregate mitchell turf dry

Buff Flint 20mm

Was: £114.95
Deal: £89.95
Cotswold Buff Chippings 20mm

Cotswold Buff Chippings 20mm

Was: £114.95
Deal: £106.00
Flamingo 20mm washed mitchell turf

Flamingo Chippings 20mm

20mm Golden Gravel

Golden Flint Gravel 20mm

ledmore marble chippings

Ledmore Marble Chippings 20MM

plum slate 20mm dry mitchell turf

Plum Slate 20mm

Was: £124.95
Deal: £114.95
plum slate 40mm dry mitchell turf

Plum Slate 40mm

Was: £124.95
Deal: £114.95
polar white 20mm washed mitchell turf

Polar White Chippings 20mm

Red Chips 20mm Dry Mitchell Turf

Red Chips 20mm

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz 20mm

skye marble 20mm decorative stone mitchell turf

Skye Marble Chippings 20mm

weed control fabric membrane landscaping mat

Weed Control Fabric


Decorative Stones are a simple and effective way to transform your garden paths and borders. As you can see we have a large range of gravels, slates and chips suiting everyone's pocket. When purchasing your decorative stones select the day you would like them delivered and if you would like them in a bulk bag or loose. If you need any help about coverage and depth the please contact us as we can answer any queries you might have.