All Day Delivery - Most orders within 1 to 5 working days.

We are dealing with very high seasonal demand. This is the busiest period of the year for landscaping. We are delivering most orders within the specified lead time. However, if you haven't been contacted within the 5 working days, please contact our sales office for a delivery update.

Requested delivery date available. Use order notes at checkout. Not guaranteed.

Please be ready to accept delivery. Our driver will contact you on the day of delivery. We are not able to give a delivery date in advance. Our sales team are unable to provide delivery dates.

Most orders are being delivered within the specified lead time. 


We deliver throughout the Central Scotland region. Delivery days are Monday to Friday. We currently operate on an all day delivery schedule, we are unable to provide a delivery time.

At the bottom of the page you can find delivery cost, this will be applied at the checkout. 

Delivery Schedules

Please request a delivery date when ordering to ensure your products arrive at their peak. We are not able to guarantee requested delivery dates.

Turf is a living product grown outside in varying soil conditions. As such its appearance can be noticeably different in response to these conditions, weather and time of year. We cannot be held responsible for miss-matching if consignments are delivered separately, however please be assured that once turf is properly established the grass will adapt to its new environment and take on a more uniform appearance.

You can opt for any delivery date to suit you in advance, as turf is made to order we require 2 days notice in order to cut fresh and route delivery. We can not guarantee a delivery time on the day of delivery. Delivery charges are based on mileage.

Deliveries placed on a Friday and throughout the weekend will be processed on the Monday, unless it is a bank holiday. These orders will then be delivered from Tuesday onwards.

Due to health & safety delivery is to kerbside only. We are not able to drop over any obstacles. We require a person to accept delivery on site. If the driver can not safely complete delivery you will be contacted and will need to make other arrangements. We won't refund delivery costs if the driver can not make your delivery due to reasons out of our control. 


Truck Mounted Forklift / MOFFETT Mounty
Most deliveries are made with large lorries that have a truck mounted forklift attached to the back. These vehicles need space at the side for the forklift to unload the products and place kerbside plus room to manoeuvre.


Truck Mounted Loader Crane / HIAB Loader Crane
Some deliveries are made with HIAB loader crane vehicles. This vehicle can be requested for bagged products in the order comments when placing an order.


Loose Tipper Lorry
We also run a lorry for loose loads. Minimum order is 20 tonne loose. If you have a larger project, please email or call our sales team for a quote. 


Enter the start of your postcode (ie: G67) to see your delivery cost.

Delivery ZonePostcode

EH39* EH40*
G67* G68* G69* G70*

Zone 1: £15

EH31* EH41* EH42*
FK1 * FK6 * FK5 *
G21* G33* G34* G65* G66*
ML1 * ML5 * ML6 *

Zone 2: £20

EH32* EH33*
FK2 * FK7 *
G1 * G2 * G3 * G4 * G5 * G12* G20* G22* G23* G31* G32* G40* G64* G71* G72* G73*
ML2 * ML4 * ML7 *

Zone 3: £25

EH34* EH35* EH36*
FK3 * FK8 * FK9* FK11*
G11* G13* G14* G15* G41* G42* G44* G45* G51* G61* G62*
ML3 *

Zone 4: £36

EH1 * EH2 * EH3 * EH8 * EH9 * EH10* EH15* EH16* EH17* EH18* EH19* EH20* EH21* EH22* EH37* EH47* EH48* EH49* EH51* EH54*
FK10* FK12* FK13* FK14* FK15* FK16*
G43* G46* G52* G53* G74* G75* G76* G77* G78* G81*
ML8 * ML9 *
PA1 * PA2 * PA3 * PA4 * PA8 *

Zone 5: £40

EH4 * EH5 * EH6 * EH7 * EH11* EH12* EH13* EH14* EH23* EH24* EH25* EH26* EH27* EH28* EH29* EH30* EH38* EH52* EH53* EH55*
G60* G63* G82*
KA2 * KA3 * KA4 * KA13* KA14* KA15* KA21* KA25*
KY11* KY3 * KY4 * KY13*
ML10* ML11*
PA5 * PA6 * PA7 * PA9 * PA10* PA11* PA12* PA13* PA14* PA15*

Zone 6: £50

EH44* EH45* EH46*
FK18* FK19*  
KA1 * KA5 * KA9 * KA10* KA11* KA12* KA16* KA17* KA22* KA23* KA24* KA29* KA30*
KY1 * KY2 * KY5 * KY6 * KY14*
PA16* PA18* PA19*
PH2 * PH3 * PH4 * PH5 * PH6 * PH7*
TD1 * TD2 * TD3 * TD4 * TD5 * TD6 * TD10* TD11* TD13* TD14* TD15*

Zone 7: £60

DD6 * DG4 *
G83* G84*
KA6 * KA7 * KA8 * KA18* KA20*
KY7 * KY8 * KY15*
PH1 * PH8 *
TD8 * TD12*

Zone 8: £80

DD1 * DD2 * DD3 * DD4 * DD5 *
DG1 *  DG3 * DG10* DG11*
KA19* KA26*
KY9 * KY10* KY16*
PA24* PA25* PA26* PA27* PA36*
PH9 * PH10* PH12* PH13* PH14* PH15*
TD7 * TD9 *

Zone 8+: £80

G41 * G42 * G43 * G44 * G45 * G46 *
G51 * G52 * G53 * G74 * G76 * G77 * G78 *
KA3 *
PA1 * PA10 * PA2 * PA3 * PA4 * PA5 * PA6 * PA7 * PA9 *

Zone Barrhead: £25