Wooden Stakes - Pointed

Wooden Stakes - Pointed

weed control fabric membrane landscaping mat

Weed Control Fabric

fence backing rail 3.6m x 38mm x 75mm fencing rails

Fence Rails

fence slats mitchell turf 1.8m x 100mm x 19mm fencing slats

Fence Slats

Was: £2.35
Deal: £1.42
timber square fence post 2400mm x 100mm x 100mm (8' x 4" x 4")

Square Fence Posts

hardwood telegraph poles mitchell turf timber

Telegraph Poles

postcrete mitchell turf


Was: £6.40
Deal: £5.50
Blue Circle Mastercrete Cement Plastic 25kg Small Bag Mitchell Turf Cement

Cement Small Bag 25kg

Was: £7.95
Deal: £6.95

Treated Timber Fencing Supplies from Mitchell Turf. Suitable for structural or decorative purposes in construction, fencing and garden projects. Whether you're starting a new landscaping project or replacing an old fence, our treated timber supplies are the ideal choice. Choose Mitchell Turf for beautiful and secure boundary fencing materials.