For a number of years we have supplied various grades of soil all depending on what our customers needs have been. Customers who have recently purchased New Build properties purchase our Top Soil as the developers leave the ground hard with no nutritional value. Our Top Soil is blended on site by our experts giving it the perfect mix of nutrients promoting growth for lawn turf and plants. Each mix is inspected making sure there is a good structure which is why we supply both the trade and public.

If your lawn is looking for a bit of care when returfing then the turf base soil is a great alternative to our Top Soil. It is cheaper but full of organic matter and we suggest mixing it through your own soil where as the Top Soil is as a replacement. Compost is best for your plant borders, again mixing it and watering see's plants and trees flourish.

Topsoil, Turf Base Soil and Compost can be purchased from us loose or in bulk bags, each quantity is approx 800kg. We deliver across Central Scotland including: Glasgow, Edinburgh, Falkirk, Stirling, Livingston and Cumbernauld. Click here to enter your postcode for a Delivery quote.

Soil Coverage:
1 Bulk Bag Coverage = 31m² / 36 sq yards @ 1" depth
1 Bulk Bag Coverage = 16m² / 18 sq yards @ 2" depth
1 Bulk Bag Coverage = 11m² / 12 sq yards @ 3" depth
1 Bulk Bag Coverage = 8m² / 9 sq yards @ 4" depth
1 Bulk Bag Coverage = 6m² / 7.2 sq yards @ 5" depth
1 Bulk Bag Coverage = 5m² / 6 sq yards @ 6" depth

Turf Base Soil

Turf Base Soil

Topsoil Bulk Bag or Loose Scoop

Top Soil


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