Turf Base Soil

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If you have good organic matter in your soil but looking for a boost then our Turf Base Soil is ideal. Full of nutrients and a cheaper alternative to top soil. When laying Turf Base Soil, break the ground up and mix thoroughly through with your present soil. Turf Base is screened to 40mm to offer a good structure for root development and water retention. This soil blend is both cost effective and favoured by landscapers who desire quality without the higher cost of standard topsoil. We recommend using turf base as a backfill.

Coverage per Bulk Bag: 
31m² / 36 sq yards @ 1" depth
16m² / 18 sq yards @ 2" depth
11m² / 12 sq yards @ 3" depth
8m² / 9 sq yards @ 4" depth
6m² / 7.2 sq yards @ 5" depth
5m² / 6 sq yards @ 6" depth

  • Bulk Bag Size roughly 0.8m3
  • Screened to 40mm
  • Blended Topsoil, Compost and Bark Fines

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