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Our Premium Lawn Turf Rolls are grown by ourselves and we have taken every professional step to ensure that it’s perfect for any project. Using a unique Barenburg seed along with our blended loam soil we have been supplying Scottish Home Builders, Landscapers and the public for many years. Our mix is 80% Perennial Ryegrass, 20% Strong Creeping Red Fescue.

We harvest turf to order and recommend having your turf delivered the day before or the day it's being laid. When laying turf please look at the quality of your soil as many new builds have poor quality and can be full of clay as the Topsoil has been stripped leveling the ground. If this is the case click this link to see our soils which are screened and blended on site. Once laid please water your turf daily and keep off it so the roots grow into the soil.  

Turf dimensions 610mm wide, 1640mm long. A roll of turf is 1m

All prices below are web exclusive offers. Standard pricing applies to all sales outwith online ordering.

  • Standard Pricing         £3.00 per square metre
  • Up to 99m2                £2.75 per square metre*
  • 100m2–149m2           £2.70 per square metre*
  • 150m2-199m2            £2.65 per square metre*
  • 200m2-249m2            £2.60 per square metre*
  • 250m2+                      £2.55 per square metre*

*Offer applies to online orders only.

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