At Mitchell Turf we stock two grades of Soil, Top Soil and Turf Base Soil. Both blends are mixed on site and can be purchased in Bulk Bags or Loose. We recommend our Top Soil for ground where the soil has previously been removed, full of stones and/or ground with no nutritional value as our blend will help Turf bed in and grow. Turf Base Soil gets mixed into your own soil as it will bring in some extra life. This is a cheaper alternative but is only used when wanting to give extra care to your lawn.

Soil Coverage:
1 Bulk Bag Coverage = 31m² / 36 sq yards @ 1" depth
1 Bulk Bag Coverage = 16m² / 18 sq yards @ 2" depth
1 Bulk Bag Coverage = 11m² / 12 sq yards @ 3" depth
1 Bulk Bag Coverage = 8m² / 9 sq yards @ 4" depth
1 Bulk Bag Coverage = 6m² / 7.2 sq yards @ 5" depth
1 Bulk Bag Coverage = 5m² / 6 sq yards @ 6" depth

Turf Base Soil

Turf Base Soil

Topsoil Bulk Bag or Loose Scoop

Top Soil


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