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We specialise in Growing and Harvesting Premium Turf which is why many of the House Builders, Councils and Landscapers in Scotland choose Mitchell Turf as their key supplier. We nurture our Barenbrug seeds, growing them in the finest loam soil on the East Coast of Scotland as the ground is very fertile.

Our team are trimming the turf weekly and each day our fleet of Trebro Harvesters cut and autostack the turf in 1m² roll, palleted to be delivered direct to you or to either of our distribution centres. All of our delivers are dispatched the day you need your Turf as it is key that the Turf is laid as soon as it is cut.

If you have a lawn that needs some attention then view our range of grass seed and fertiliser. When patches appear on a lawn sometimes an initial bit of lawn care can have these areas flourishing in no time. If however you are looking for advice please get in touch as our Landscape Gardeners will happily answer any of your quires.