Turf Fertiliser

You will need


NPK 15-15-15 Triple 15 complex fertiliser with general purpose mix to promote growth and a quick green-up. Boost your lawn's health and vitality with turf fertiliser, NPK complex fertiliser, Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P) and Potassium (K).

  • Triple 15 NPK compound fertiliser with immediate effect
  • Balanced mix for general purpose 15-15-15
  • Small granule size for better and homogenous spreading
  • Application: 20–35 g/m²
  • 5kg tub or 25kg bag

Ideal for golf fairways and all other types of lawns, our granulated fertiliser ensures even and efficient distribution. Its fine texture makes it easily spreadable, whether you're using a fertiliser spreader or prefer the hands-on approach. The NPK compound fertiliser's immediate impact sets it apart in the market. Typically used as a starter fertiliser, it's a preferred choice for spring use in Scotland to kick-start your lawn's growth. Its small granule size facilitates a homogenous spread and guarantees all nutrients reach every inch of your lawn, including vital micronutrients. Trust Mitchell Turf for a safe and efficient lawn nourishment experience.

For use in horticulture. Mineral fertiliser content: 15% Nitrogen, 15% Phosphorous, 15% Potassium

Storage conditions:
Protect stored fertiliser from frost, light, high temperatures and moisture. Avoid large temperature fluctuations. Do not stack more than two pallets. Only store in original packaging. Use up quickly once opened.

Information on safety and environment:
To avoid risks to human health and the environment, comply with the instructions for use.
EUH210: Safety data sheet available on request.