Weed Control Fabric

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Our advanced geotextile Weed Control Fabric, designed to deter and suppress even the most persistent weeds. This high-quality weed membrane features a denser fabric weave, ensuring superior weed prevention. With a width of 2m and a density of 100gsm, it is sold per square metre to accommodate your garden's unique dimensions.

Our professional-grade weed control fabric offers multiple benefits:

  • Allows water and essential nutrients to reach the soil, ensuring your plants thrive while weeds are kept at bay.
  • The material is designed to reduce light penetration, stunting weed growth effectively.
  • Its flexibility allows for easy cutting and application around existing flora.
  • UV stabilized to resist fading and maintain its efficiency over time.
  • It offers an easy-to-penetrate surface for planting, providing convenient guidelines for uniform planting.
  • Enhance the fabric's functionality by covering it with aesthetically pleasing elements like bark, mulch, pebbles, or slate gravel.

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