Flamingo Chippings 20mm

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Flamingo is a mix of pink and peach with some blue/grey and white. Also known as Pastel Pink Gravel. This stylish chipping will reveal a natural sparkle in the sunlight after a soak.

Order our high quality 20mm Flamingo gravel for a range of both domestic and commercial uses. Homeowners commonly use Flamingo decorative aggregate to fill borders, pathways, rockeries and water features. Commercial clients can use Flamingo for all manner of landscaping.

Practical, attractive stone providing a sparkling look to any garden project.  The product is supplied unwashed, so will have a coating of material. After a heavy soaking from rainfall it will sparkle clean in the sunlight. Popularly used for mulching in potted plants.

  • Bulk Bag Size roughly 0.8m3
  • Bulk Bag Coverage up to 10m² @ 2" depth
  • Appearance: Pink, peach, white, light blues, grey

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