Decorative Bark

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Play Bark (20-55mm)


There are so many great benefits from having bark in your garden and our Decorative, Ornamental bark has been soured from sustainable woodlands across Scotland. It is long lasting, low maintenance and perfect for enhancing garden borders, flower beds and pathways. The benefits of bark can be seen during all seasons of the year and will only need refreshing every few years as Bark has a lifespan from 2-4 years.

During winter Decorative / Ornamental bark will help reduce soil erosion during heavy rain keeping flower roots bedded into the soil and help to insulate plant roots during frosty periods. On the other hand during the warmer months, bark helps to suppress weed growth and conserving moisture in the soil during hot spells keeping your garden looking the way you planned..

Our Decorative and Ornamental Bark chips range in size from 12-65mm and can be purchased either loose or the handy one meter cubic bags. Just select the day you would like your delivery and we will do the rest.