Play Bark (20-55mm)

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Our quality play bark is perfect for a range of different uses, from making play parks and nature paths safer, to decorating the garden and preventing weeds. This high quality bark is suitable for use under playground equipment to help reduce the impact of falls. Designed to withstand heavy traffic this high-quality play bark is extremely tough. This play bark is exceptionally versatile and can be used for domestic gardens and public play places. Given the characteristics of the bark, we advise its use for individuals aged 13 and above. It may not be appropriate for play areas designated for younger children - for this purpose we recommend Play Sand or Softwood Play Chip.

We recommend laying these materials to a depth of at least 4" (100mm) for impact absorption purposes.

1 Bulk Bag Coverage = 13m² / 15.5 sq yards @ 3" depth
1 Bulk Bag Coverage = 9.75m² / 11.6 sq yards @ 4" depth
1 Bulk Bag Coverage = 7.8m² / 9.3 sq yards @ 5" depth
1 Bulk Bag Coverage = 6.5m² / 7.7 sq yards @ 6" depth

Play Bark vs Play Chip
Play Bark is from the outer layer of the tree. Darker in colour and softer.
Play Chip is from the inner part of the tree. Lighter in colour and lasts longer.

  • Bulk Bag Size roughly 0.8m3
  • BS 7188 - Impact absorbing playground surfacing
  • Not suitable for younger children - try Play Sand or Softwood Play Chip

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