Pure Pine Bark Nuggets (35-60mm)

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This visually striking pure pine bark creates a unique, chunky finish.

Containing less than 1% white wood, it's FSC certified and contains no dust or fines.

Applies as a mulch this bark will also suppress weeds, retain soil moisture and protect plant roots.

1 Bulk Bag Coverage = 13m² / 15.5 sq yards @ 3" depth
1 Bulk Bag Coverage = 9.75m² / 11.6 sq yards @ 4" depth
1 Bulk Bag Coverage = 7.8m² / 9.3 sq yards @ 5" depth
1 Bulk Bag Coverage = 6.5m² / 7.7 sq yards @ 6" depth

  • Bulk Bag Size roughly 0.8m3

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