What do I need to do in my garden in February?

What do I need to do in my garden in February?

Scottish landscapers are now looking out the window at the dark grey skies and wondering, "What can I do with my lawn in February?" While the dreich weather may suggest staying indoors, your garden is just waiting for a bit of TLC to transform it into a summer paradise. And who better to guide you through this month's gardening than your friends at Mitchell Turf? So, grab your favourite gardening gloves and let's dig into February's gardening guide.

Vegetable Beds: The Root Of Happiness Begins

Before you can reap, you must sow, but first, you must prepare the bed where your vegetables will dream of growing big and strong. Clearing the old and mixing in our premium topsoil is like giving your plants a five-star hotel stay, enriched with all the nutrients they could ask for. Think of our topsoil as the crème de la crème for your carrots, a real ‘turnip’ for the books!

Pruning: Not a Moment Too Mulch

February is the time to get snippy with your winter-flowering shrubs. After giving them a good prune, why not lay down some of our lush turf to fill in the gaps? It’s like giving your garden a green toupee, instantly refreshing those bald spots. Our turf is so resilient, it’s practically ‘unbe-leaf-able’!


Frost Protection: Sleeper Build

Protecting plants from frost is crucial, but who says you can't do it with style? Our railway sleepers raise your beds and your garden’s fashion stakes. They’re the sleeper hit of garden design, turning frost protection into a statement piece. Plus, they add so much character; your garden will have more layers than a Scottish trifle.

Early Sowing: Sandsational Beginnings

Eager to get started? Mixing sharp sand into your seed compost is the secret to a ‘sandsational’ start. It's like your seedlings are taking their first steps on a beautiful beach, ensuring they grow up with fond memories of their sandy beginnings. Plus, with our sharp sand, you’re guaranteed to have the best-drained beds in town—no ‘puddling’ around!

Plotting Your Next Master-‘peas’

While the soil temperature is increasing and beginning to wake up plants, now's the time to plot your garden masterpiece. Whether you're laying down the 'tracks' with our railway sleepers or enriching the earth with our fresh topsoil and sharp sand, every great garden starts with a dream. Remember, 'celery'-brate every success.


What Can I Do With My Lawn In February?

The unpredictability of Scottish weather can be a real conundrum. "Should I water my garden in February?" you might ponder, staring at the clouds with a watering can in hand. The answer is as nuanced as a dram of whisky... Just kidding, the answer is a resounding "No". We get plenty of rain in February so there is no need. You'll end up waterlogged. If you're considering laying turf, you can improve the drainage by first adding new topsoil or a blend with sharp sand to your existing soil. 

Is February Too Early to Scarify A Lawn?

Scarifying in February is like wearing your flip-flops in the snow. Save this for when the weather's more reliable. Yet, post-scarification, our sharp sand is like a spa treatment for your lawn, rejuvenating it to its lush, green self. It helps the soil structure, enhances drainage and organic matter - thus supporting healthy growth.

Should I Cut The Grass In February?

Now, about that lawn. You might be itching to get the mower out faster than a squirrel spotting the last nut of winter, but patience is more than a virtue - it's essential. In February, if your grass is growing faster than your excitement for the summer BBQs, a gentle trim might not hurt. However, remember, our turf is strong and resilient, but ensure your mow isn't too harsh, or you'll have a balding lawn faster than you can say "oops". Best leaving the lawn haircut till Spring.

The Mitchell Turf Touch

At Mitchell Turf, we're not just about selling turftopsoil; we're about creating the canvas for your gardening masterpieces. Whether you're pruning, planning, or pondering over your garden, our soils and sharp sand can be the secret ingredients to your success. With depots in Barrhead, Cumbernauld, and Dunbar, we've got Scotland covered, ready to help your garden thrive.

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Remember, a successful garden begins with the best foundation, and at Mitchell Turf, we provide just that. For all your gardening needs this February, turn to us for topsoil, turf base soil, and expert advice. We hope you like these tips, if you are eager for more, then our spring guide can be found here. Alternatively, contact our experts who are ready to help. 

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