Spring Turf Preparation

Spring Turf Preparation

Tuesday 16th March 2021

Want to lay your lawn with turf? No problem, read these tips on laying your own turf. It'll be perfect in time for spring!

The preparation

You need to dig deep, for a sustainable lawn the grass needs to get its roots deep in the ground. Ideally between 100mm and 150mm of good soil, it needs to be able to draw nutrients and water continuously.

Have the best soil to start with

Like a team, your lawn is only as good as its weakest link. Start off right and source some great quality  topsoil and mix with your garden soil. Rotovate your own soil, sprinkle the topsoil and rotovate again to mix it together. Do this and you’ll set your set up with the best chance of a greatly turfed lawn.

Pre-turfing fertiliser

You should never risk the nutrient levels in your soil. Recovering from the stress of transport and harvesting requires a lot of energy. In comparison to the price of turf, fertiliser costs next to nothing, so it’s not a cost that should be spared and gives your lawn the best chance.

Don’t order until you’re ready to lay

Time is the biggest threat to the quality of your turf. The longer it’s kept rolled up the quicker it deteriorates and you’re at bigger risk of wasting your money. Don’t order it until the ground is ready for it to be laid.

Also, don’t order more than you are able to lay in one day. Many people buy too much and again, it ends up deteriorating and their lawn isn’t the best it could be. If you need to, split your delivery. You can order turf and have it delivered within two working days, so it shouldn’t delay your process.

Bear in mind the weather forecast when you’re planning to lay it. If it’s unnaturally hot or cold, this could disrupt you. So always keep in mind the amount you think you’ll be able to lay (especially if it’s your first time) and anything that could disrupt you. 100 rolls of turf per day is probably manageable for someone who is new to turfing.

Look after yourself

It’s easy to forget about yourself when taking on a project like this but you need to look after yourself in order to do the best job possible. Having a good breakfast before you start is so important. You will burn a lot of calories while turfing so you need to keep yourself fuelled. As well as food, you need to keep yourself hydrated- especially if it’s warm outside. It’s easy to forget so make up a few bottles of water before you start and have them sitting somewhere you can see them.

Gloves and suncream- two essentials. Your hands will go through a lot when laying turf so we recommend you always wear gloves, the professionals do. You can be out for hours on end so make sure all the visible areas of your body are protected with suncream.

Lastly, manage your pace. Don’t go too quickly and risk making mistakes, but don’t go too slowly and risk the turf sitting rolled up for too long.

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