Lawn Mowing Tips

Lawn Mowing Tips

Lawn mowing is an essential garden maintenance job in the spring and summer. When and how to mow a lawn is a question often asked at Mitchell Turf. Cutting the grass is key to a healthy lawn. Getting the grass cutting height and frequency right can make a huge difference in the health and appearance of your lawn. Each cut encourages growth and adding striped grass can give an impressive professional finish.

What Time Can I Mow My Lawn UK

As long as the grass is dry, you will be able to mow the lawn. Little (height trimmed from grass cutting) and often (mow once per week) is the best way. Grass cutting should be done at a decent hour, although very tempting, lawn mowing at 5am isn’t ideal. Between 9am and 11:30am is a good time, you’ll hopefully avoid sunburn from stronger UV rays at midday onwards.

grass cutting dont mow wet grass

Can You Mow Wet Grass

It is not recommended to cut grass when wet or frosty as it can cause damage to your lawn. Mowing wet grass will make the grass clippings clump to the lawn mower blades and smear.

When To Start Mowing Lawn UK

  • Summer: Once per week. Your turf will be at peak growth rate.
  • Spring and autumn: Once per fortnight. The turf grows slower in these seasons.
  • Winter: Cutting grass in winter is not required. Turf grass stops growing and will be dormant (sleeping).

how do i get lawn stripes in my lawn uk

How Do I Get Stripes In My Lawn UK?

Some homeowners find it relaxing and an opportunity to be creative. A striped lawn looks professional and isn’t that difficult to achieve. Adjusting the height and direction of the cut will make a difference to the final appearance. You can achieve lawn stripe lines by doing the following: 

  1. Mow around the edge to make a frame.
  2. Start at one side and begin to mow up and down. (On your next cut in a week or two you will want to alternate this by going left to right).
  3. When you get to the end of each run, turn around and line the mower up next to the previous stripe, so the mower slightly overlaps.
  4. You may have to empty the clipping box, make sure it doesn’t overfill as it can clog up and spoil your hard work. Put the clippings in the compost bin, leaving cut grass on lawn is not recommended.
  5. If there are areas you can’t reach, you should use a strimmer or shears.

grass cutting edging lawn tool

How To Cut Lawn Edges

Overgrown edges look untidy. Cutting the edges will improve the finish. Use a half-moon edger, edging shears or a spade to cleanly cut the turf. For overgrown grass on pathways, use a sharp knife to cut and pull away the pieces.

things to avoid when cutting grass lawn mower one third rule

Things To Avoid When Cutting Grass Tips

Remember the one third rule. If you cut more than ⅓ of the turf height it may slow down the growth rate. It could mean you have to cut the grass less often, but it can also cause your lawn to become patchy. Longer grass allows the soil to remain cooler and traps moisture, this will result in stronger roots. Excessive low cutting can scalp the lawn and cause bare patches, or weaken the roots.

Make sure to remove the clippings of grass as it can encourage thatch (a matted layer of dead grass). You shouldn’t be leaving cut grass on the lawn. To avoid your grass clippings turning into a slimy mess in your compost bin, you can mix in some soil.

If you have recently rolled new turf, please make sure the grass is at least 4cm tall and has been laid for a minimum of 3 weeks to allow the roots to knit together.

Mowing wet grass is not recommended, you shouldn’t cut grass when wet. If you are going ahead with the cut then you should slow down your walking speed to ensure the mower is cutting correctly. Go slower for a better cut. If the lawn mower blade is stuttering or producing a rippled effect, or the grass looks frayed after cutting you will need to sharpen the mower blades.

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