Guide To Watering Your New Turf

Guide To Watering Your New Turf

You might not think about it when you are watering your plants, but your grass also requires watering to help ensure that it is kept in good condition and grows properly. Even in the UK rain showers can be few and far between at this time of the year. The odd occasional rain shower may not produce enough water to sufficiently water your lawns, especially new lawns which need nurturing to ensure that they grow.

Watering New Lawns

When you lay down new turf it will require watering immediately to help bed the turf into the ground. Ideally, a sprinkler would be used initially as they don’t apply a lot of pressure which reduces the possibility of damaging the fragile root system. Over the summer months, a newly turfed lawn should be watered twice daily and if you can, try and avoid the mid-afternoon sun. If it is very hot for a prolonged period of time you will need to water your lawn more than usual and ensure that it doesn’t get scorched with the heat.

How To Know When Your Lawn Needs Watering

You might be wondering how you will know if your turf needs watering or not. Well, if you carefully lift the corner of one roll of turf and look and see if there is any moisture, if it looks dry then it will need further watering. You need to water your lawn adequately so that there is enough water to get down and water the roots. If the lawn is looking brown in any parts, then those parts of your lawn will need more watering to bring them back to life. Although, be careful as you can also over water a lawn, so keep a careful eye on your lawn and you will get to know when enough is enough.

Consider These Top Tips When Laying A New Lawn:

  1. You could use soil conditioner to help retain moisture in the ground.
  2. Only purchase enough turf that you can lay on that day.
  3. The quicker the turf is laid the better, so have the ground prepared in advance.
  4. Store your turf in a shady place.
  5. Always dampen the ground before laying your turf.
  6. When your turf has been laid water it straight away.
  7. Water your turf in the early morning or early evening.
  8. Don’t over water your turf and make it boggy.

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