January Gardening Tips

January Gardening Tips

Don't let the frost nip your garden in the bud. As we step into January it's a crucial time for gardeners to protect, maintain and plan for the upcoming seasons. Follow our January gardening tips for winter garden care and lawn maintenance. Here's a quick look at what we'll cover this month:

  1. Frost protection for tender plants

  2. Winter lawn care tips

  3. Snow management for hedges and conifers

  4. Winter bird feeding and pest control

  5. Patio and paving winter maintenance

  6. Garden plant pot cleaning

  7. Ideal time to plant trees and shrubs

  8. Preparation and ordering for Spring gardening

Protecting Plants in Winter

The frosty weather demands extra care for your plants. If you can, you should move vulnerable plants to a greenhouse or sheltered spot. Wrapping can also provide warmth and protection.

Maintaining Grass in Winter

A pristine lawn is the pride of many gardens, but winter calls for a gentle touch step. A frosted lawn is best left undisturbed. Avoid walking on frosty or snowy grass as it will cause damage to the delicate turf underneath. Keep off the lawn and you'll have healthier turf come spring.

Snow Removal from Plants

Don't let heavy snow weigh down your hedges and conifers. Protect hedges in winter by brushing off snow to save your plants from breaking under the pressure.

Feeding Birds in Winter

Feeding birds in winter not only helps them, but also keeps your garden free of pests. Keep feeders full and you'll receive frequent visits, and help contribute to a healthy ecosystem.

Winter Patio Care

Keep your paving safe in winter. A good scrub or pressure wash will keep away a slippery and slimy algae surface.

Preparing Garden Pots for Spring

Cleaning your pots now makes for a smoother start to the spring planting season. A thorough clean with hot, soapy water will ensure you're ready to plant come Spring.

Winter Shrub Planting in January

Take advantage of the dormant season to plant new trees and shrubs. Add some evergreen charm with climbers like Clematis urophylla, the 'Winter Beauty'.

Spring Garden Preparation

Spring is just around the corner. Now is the perfect time to order turftopsoil and other garden essentials at Mitchell Turf. 

We hope you like these tips, if you are eager for more, then our spring guide can be found here. Alternatively, don't hesitate to contact our team of experts who are ready to help. 

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