A Garden Makeover for Mothers Day

A Garden Makeover for Mothers Day

30th Jul 2018

As we all prepare for Mother’s Day ready to purchase the obligatory bouquet of flowers, which we already know will be appreciated, why not think of treating her to something extra special.

Then why not treat her to a makeover.

Not just any makeover but one that will last for years and bring joy every day – A garden makeover.

What about a fresh new lawn using only the best quality turf grown in Scotland. An instant transformation that will last for years and admired every day. Prepare the area, measure and order online, it is so easy and for the best results lay the turf on the day of delivery and water well for the first few weeks. Usually assisted by the weather in Scotland. Transformation complete.

Add some topsoil to tired borders and planting areas to give a vital boost to her plants to show them at their best.

Refresh or create pathways with some of our beautiful aggregates adding an easy maintained colour lift to any garden. Did you know using aggregates on pathways around the house can assist with security because it helps to alert you to someone walking around your property.? Great through the winter months too, no slippery surfaces.

Wanting to do something on a grander scale but don’t have the time? We offer a landscaping service. Give us a call. We are happy to help. We are only a phone call or click away.

Happy Mother’s Day Ladies.

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