Scottish Pebble Stones (20-40mm)

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These 20-40mm Scottish pebble stones are the perfect solution to improving your driveway, decorating your pathways, and building upon your rockeries. Ranging in both colour and shape, pebble stones really can make a big positive difference to wherever you decide to place them.

Pebble stone can be used for many things from paths through to areas of open space. It’s a much cheaper alternative to using paving and less maintenance than grass. If you are using it instead of a lawn or a paved area you need to carefully consider how it’s going to look so that you don’t end up with a very boring area. By incorporating planting and different sizes of gravel it can be made to look a lot more interesting.

If you’re going to be walking across the area regularly, then we definitely recommend the use of stepping stones or a solid compacted path so that it’s easy to walk on. Also take into account how much sun the area is likely to get.

The key to pebbles looking good and functioning well all comes down to size. If you’re going to be walking across it regularly, then our 20mm small sizes are more comfortable. If you just want an area to be quite open and with some plants through the gravel, then we like to use 20mm stone mixed with larger sizes of mixed River pebbles.

  • Bulk Bag Size roughly 0.8m3
  • Bulk Bag Coverage up to 10m² @ 2" depth

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