How to Lay Turf

Our Step by Step Guide - How To Lay Turf

Preparation Is Key!

The secret to creating a strong and healthy lawn is thorough preparation of the area that is to be turfed. Before ordering Grade A Turf from us, ensure that the area to be turfed is prepared so that your new turf can be immediately planted as fresh as possible. Use our Turf Calculator to find out how much turf you will need for your project.

You should start by removing any existing grass and turf. This can be done with a garden spade or you can hire a turf cutter. Note that plants grow both above and beneath the ground, so you must remove any roots. Once the old turf is removed you can start to prepare your soil. You should aim to achieve an even, firm and flat turf laying surface, clear of weeds, stones and any clods of earth. Then start by digging the entire area over with a fork down to about 120mm (no more than 5 inches). You can use a rotavator to break the soil down, but the same result can be achieved with a spade, fork and rake.

Poor quality soil can have an effect on growth. We recommend using our screened Top Soiladding this will provide the perfect turf-growing environment. The end result should be a firm level surface free from any soft or hollow areas so that the newly laid turf can knit quickly into the prepared soil.

To give your lawn the best possible start, apply a suitable starter lawn feed and rake it in to the prepared area.

Laying Your Turf

The longer turf is left rolled up the faster it will deteriorate so you need to start laying your new lawn straight away. If this is not possible make sure your new turf is stored in a cool shady place and start as soon as you can, no later than 2 days.

Start by laying a line of turf from one end of the prepared area to the other along a straight edge. Butt the ends of the turf up against each other taking care not to leave any gaps. Do not walk on the turf as you lay it, instead lay a Crawling Board on top of laid rolls and work from this. This will eliminate footprints and keep the surface smooth.

Lay the next row of turf against the first but stagger the joints, like brickwork. Tamp down the turf as you go ensuring contact between turf and the prepared soil. A sharp knife can be used to cut or shape the turf to suit the contours of your garden.

Your turf will need to be regularly watered in the weeks after laying. It is best to water each evening to minimise evaporation. A sprinkler is the best option as it can provide a constant gentle delivery.

Check the progress daily of your new turf by gently lifting a corner. After a week or so you will start to see the fresh new roots developing. You should continue watering during dry periods until these new roots have firmly rooted into the soil below.

Then stand back and admire! There is nothing better than a natural new lawn – enjoy!

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