What You Need To Know About Laying Turf In Winter

What You Need To Know About Laying Turf In Winter

Monday 30th July 2018

Winter isn’t usually a time one associates with gardening, however if you can bring yourself to brave the cold, it is definitely worth your while. If you get the big jobs done during winter, come the warmer days you can focus on growing your plants and vegetables and relaxing in your nicely turfed garden. Here are some helping tips if you are thinking about laying your turf in those cold winter months:

Weather Forecast

The weather forecast is your friend- you need to be sensible and flexible. If there has been flooding or the ground has frozen, this will delay your work. Rolled turf can be kept for 3-4 days, so don’t try and roll it over frozen ground, you can wait a couple of days. Waterlogged soil can also cause you numerous issues. If your soil is usually clay-like, it will be difficult to work with in winter. As part of your preparation, dig in some topsoil, this will also help improve the soil for longer. Don’t fight mother nature, listen to what she is saying.


You come first, your safety needs to be a priority. If your extremities are dry and warm, it keeps the rest of your body comfortable. We suggest investing in a few pairs of garden gloves and some heavy duty boots. Also, turf can be heavy, so watch your back and ask for help if need be.

Laying boards

Use laying boards, soil compaction is one of the biggest problems when laying turf. It can cause a number of issues such as root runs and poor drainage. Inevitably, when you walk on soil being prepped for turfing, your feet will squish it. However when doing this in winter, if the soil is wet this increases the problem. So if you choose to lay your turf in the colder months think about laying boards, as this distributes the weight evenly, causing minimal damage.

Don’t do it alone

Ask for help, this is a time consuming and big job, so if you don’t think you’ll manage it then ask a professional for some help. They have the right equipment and will work quickly and efficiently.

So if you’re thinking of tackling your turf in the winter use these tips for the best outcome.

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