Barleystone Paving

Barleystone Paving

We're excited to introduce our exclusive range of Barleystone Paving products in Scotland, including the Larchfield Original Paving Block. 

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Why Choose Barleystone Paving? 

One of Barleystone's key products, the Larchfield Original Paving Block, is an example of their commitment to quality. Durable and long-lasting, their products are ideal for both commercial and residential spaces. We'll now be stocking the following products from their superb range as exclusive suppliers in Scotland: 

  • Paving Brick - Cobbled & Smooth 
  • Multi-sized Cobbled & Smooth Paving Blocks 
  • Granite & Textured Flags 
  • Masonry Blocks 
  • Kerbs, Setts and Circles 

The Best Time to Install Paving

While it's often thought that summer is the best time for paving projects due to the warmer weather, paving can be done throughout the year, including Autumn and Winter. Embark on your paving project any time of the year. 

Designs and Patterns

The availability of colours and patterns allows for a range of creative options that enables each project to be unique and tailored to the individual. 

Easy Care and Low Maintenance

While paving is generally low maintenance, it's important for some basic cleaning to ensure longevity. Sweep away (or use a blower) any debris to prevent scratching. Wet the blocks before applying a cleaning solution, ideally specialising for paving blocks. Give the area a scrub with a stiff brush or use a pressure washer - be cautious as high pressure can cause damage. Repeat as necessary.

All-weather Paving

Perfect for every season, the resilience and aesthetic appeal for Barleystone Paving makes it a great option as a weather-resistant paving brick for transforming outdoor spaces.

Exclusive Paving at Mitchell Turf

If you're planning a paving project and in search of top-quality, long-lasting material then Barleystone Paving is ideal. We're the exclusive supplier for Barleystone Paving bricks & blocks in the Scotland region and proud to expand our range of products to our landscapers. 

For more information on our new paving range, don't hesitate to contact our team of experts who are ready to help with any specific requirements for your paving needs. 

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